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Convert photo into drawing: With our tips you can do it easily!

How about a portrait as a gift for loved ones? There are free apps that convert your picture into drawings. Those who don't have the skills to hire a professional portrait artist or are in urgent need of a portrait drawing can also easily convert their own images online. In just a few minutes, you can create cartoons, pencil drawings or oil paintings from your portraits, animal portraits...

We'll show you which apps are suitable

  • Portrait Sketch (App)

  • Varnist (App)

  • Sketch Me!

  • Sketch Guru: Cartoon Photo

  • picsart

  • PhotoSketcher

  • Funny.Pho.To (website)

Have pictures drawn cheaply or printed out?

Today, many vendors and artists have now switched to selling printed drawings , digital prints , rather than a real hand-made image using real pens and real colors. Want to find an authentic original work of art for your family? Or simply have a free, cheap drawing printed from Filter ?

Drawing original hand-drawn picture is difficult thing even cheap!

Drawing hand-painted pictures is difficult, and it's even more difficult to find a real portrait painter who can translate the client's ideas and intentions exactly as you want them to. However, it's not that the free drawing app , printed images aren't beautiful or emotional enough, rather they don't have the deep personal character and value that hand-drawn images have. Buying an Original Drawing leaves much more fun & joy for buyers, recipients and visitors. Drawing a picture cheap is better than pencil drawing photo editor

Draw pictures cheap? Draw a real work of art, not a copied one!

A handmade drawing always contains the "soul" and "mind" of the person who drew it. Buying an artist's hand-drawn paintings is not only buying his enthusiasm and emotion, but also buying a real work of art.

  • It is incomparable work and it is unique in life.
  • It will last forever over the years.

Because when the artist draws, each portrait artist has different emotions and feelings that they bring to the drawing.

Draw photo for free easily with app & computer

Filters, apps on smartphones can turn images into a work of art quickly and for free. Computers can quickly trace digital drawings. These free tools create beautiful works, but no masterpieces. Because authentic, real emotions are created by humans themselves in aesthetic, emotional works. A beautiful portrait drawing or animal drawing is an artist's creativity with deep emotional gaze and experiences of each artist.

More precisely, these are the character's feelings, the artist's feelings at the time of drawing. There are also many other factors such as color, ratio, light, harmony, feel, texture, line width and more. It's a combination of proportion and composition, artist improvisation and freedom in every stroke. Longtime painters and draftsmen know how to embellish and influence the points variably.

We - the Sketchus portrait - spend a lot of time before drawing, figuring out how the proportions, the composition... will look like after drawing the picture . We only draw and are satisfied when it is certain that the finished product inspires you or even moves you emotionally.

Features in a drawn drawing that a cheap & free picture doesn't have

message What is the deep message behind it: Works and paintings are not copied from the template, but must contain a message. here the content and affection.
similarity Also, the match of the character motives should be 90% similar to the template. The finished drawing must not deviate completely from the template
language & style The language and style of the artist also play an important role
details With a portrait picture, the artist needs time. Time to connect and explore with the work, but not just to add beautiful details
beauty If a work is considered beautiful, it must be aesthetic enough

When sketching images , the artist paints fewer details, but when the aesthetic elements and intent are assured, the image appears valuable and conveys the actual meaning. Premium drawings are more detailed and take about twice as long.


The great part of the portrait is determined by the beauty. We spend a lot of time studying the template for the drawing and understanding the spirit

Drawing from photo cheap as gifts

Draw an individual picture, portrait drawing hand-drawn on paper. Personalized products made from your photos are the perfect gift for any occasion. Draw picture with your favorite photo as drawing! A photo drawn with your family drawing is a very popular gift and we know why: It is a totally beautiful gift to surprise someone. You can draw by yourself, or Sketchus Portrait can easily help you create a super beautiful personalized drawing .

Having a photo painted cheap - does not always have to be expensive!

You can easily surprise your family with a personalized picture. Sketchus believes that not only receiving gifts, but giving them can also make you happy. In addition to the popular portrait drawing from photo , we have many other personalized gifts on which you can easily order your most beautiful drawing. At Sketchus you can have a very nice minimalist sketch drawn for you for €40.

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