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Draw and paint realistically - what is that?

Photorealistic drawings emerged in the 1960s, right after the Pop Art style, with the rise of popular abstraction. Numerous American as well as Western European artists are concerned with the depiction of realism.

Photorealistic drawing Portrait painting at Sketchus

Photorealistic drawing is created in time lapse

Photorealistic drawings then and now

In the past, you didn't want to represent reality, like now, but to make it look like a photograph. Most artists use many different colors to make it look as realistic as possible. Our company manages to draw the portrait as realistically as if it were an original black and white photo with just a pencil.

Paint Realistic Draw Sketchus Portrait

Paint realistically - what exactly is that?

Photorealism is a category whereby artists draw portraits that were originally captured in a photograph. You want to achieve microscopic accuracy through realistic painting. It is a form of painting in which the objects appear as realistic as if they had been photographed. They achieve optical illusions with their striking attention to detail. The artists thus want to address the manipulation of reality, such as the question of truth and appearance.

Features of photorealism

Artists strive to capture and transmit the smallest details of a photograph. Before beginning photorealistic drawing, many of them study the composition, perspective, shape, light, and shading of the image. What counts here is not the subjective perception of the painter, but much more only reality.

In a photorealistic drawing, natural tones are used with real perspectives.

Draw realistically - What exactly?

Templates are used like a raster process in order to then transfer them to a carrier (e.g. a canvas). Of course, the artist's technical ability to make their drawings look photographic also comes into play.

Another point would be that in realism there is no uniform style. They range from detailed to greatly simplified, atmospheric representations.

Buying photorealistic drawings from SKETCHUS?

Buying a hand-drawn portrait is far more rewarding than having it copied in the ordinary way or having it digitally edited. There is much more "soul" in the drawings than the "mind" of our talented artists.

In addition, the room in which the picture is hung appears softer and more emotional. A photorealistic painting creates a sense of belonging and an emotional bond between family members and relatives.

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