Pencil Drawings - Learn to Draw with Pencil (Easy)

Why do artists choose to draw portraits with pencils?

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Pencil Drawing - Drawing is a wonderful pastime. It broadens our view of the world and empathy for the essence of things. The basis of all visual arts is drawing. The most used and most expressive drawing medium was and is the pencil.

Are pencil drawings suitable for beginners?

Especially when you want to start drawing, drawing with a pencil is particularly good. The reason for this is that many techniques can be used and learned when drawing with a pencil, such as shading, "shading" (only drawing with the width of the pencil lead), hatching or wiping.

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Draw a portrait with a pencil

Drawings in pencil for beginner people?

It's hard to stay motivated, especially in the beginning, but as everyone knows, how well you progress is up to you. Many will say, "Those few who can draw have talent." But the truth is, if you practice and keep going and take on new challenges, you will see results and you will find that pencil drawings are easy.

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Given the learning curve, start slowly and don't rush. When drawing a face, for example, you shouldn't try to draw everything at once, but maybe first take care of the eyes, nose, mouth, then ears, until you've mastered them reasonably well and build your face piece by piece and then additionally transfers the hairstyle.

Why learn to draw with a pencil?

To put it simply, it is one of the best ways to start your career or hobby. Because if you assume that the material costs for pencil and paper are very low and you really only need your creativity and don't have to worry about which acrylic paints, brushes and other materials you need. Then all you can say is start and find your passion.

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What pencils for drawing?

The choice of pencils plays a significant role and you should have basic equipment, especially when you start, which doesn't have to be too expensive. If you look at the different pencils, it starts with the hard pencils from H9 - H2 to the medium ones from H - B and finally the soft ones from B2 - B9. Pencils are made of graphite clay, even if the name says lead, it doesn't contain any.

H9 – H2 Hard Pencils

In hard pencils, the proportion of clay is higher and the proportion of graphite lower, and the higher the number behind the H "hard", the higher the proportion of clay, so the lead becomes relatively hard and you can use it to draw very fine lines draw. A little problematic is that the lead is very hard and scratches the paper a bit, which is why the hard pencils are well suited for technical drawings.

H, HB, F, B Medium pencils

HB stands for "hard black" and, like F for "firm", is ideal for writing. The medium-sized pencils are suitable for pencil drawings and sketches.

B2 – B9 Soft pencils

In soft pencils, the graphite content is higher and the clay content is lower. The softer the lead, the stronger and coarser the abrasion and you can draw with more contrast. Soft leads make pencil drawing easy in an artistic sense. The only catch is smudging, which can also be used as a method.

Why are pencil drawings easy?

The challenge is to find ideas with the drawing pencil, but there are many variants and ways to easily design the drawings with pencil. Start with a word, lines or any shape to warm up. Using techniques like creating paintings with words is a special art. Other techniques such as one-line illustrations can also be used to create Great Works, because everyone starts small and nobody can ever grow big without practice.

Pencil drawings are detailed & labor intensive

Pencil drawings are very detailed and labor intensive as they are drawn line by line with the tip of the pencil. The execution is rather rare despite the special visual effect.

The pencil - a simple instrument

Although the pencil is a simple instrument, complex portrait pencil drawings are drawn with it. The reason for this is that the artist is given a wide range of creative possibilities through the abundance of pencils on offer.

A pencil drawing, unlike the colored techniques, is not bound

Due to the different lead variations, such as thin leads, which have a high proportion of clay in the graphite core, very delicate, precise lines can be drawn and the finest details can be displayed clearly. These leads, only lightly applied, leave extremely fine, pale gray traces and give the drawing something unique. The soft leads with little clay in the graphite mixture, on the other hand, produce a rich, shiny black and can be used to color larger areas by hatching and to emphasize outlines. Compared to many other techniques, the graphite application of the pencil tip allows for a location-independent. In contrast to colored techniques, a realistic pencil drawing is not tied to daylight.

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The shine of metal objects can also be reproduced excellently

In spite of the monochrome, a wealth of shapes and lines can be created, which also give life to a monotonous pencil drawing. Polishing the colored surfaces with a cloth or cotton ball that you press firmly on can also reproduce the shine of metal objects perfectly. If you also work out a few highlights with the eraser, the depicted object or the drawn eye will sparkle as if it were lifelike.

The effect of pencils is often underestimated.

It is probably due to the fact that the pencil is one of the most well-known drawing devices in comparison. Almost everyone uses pencils on a daily basis. As a pure writing utensil or mostly for notes and sketches. Do you need a birthday present for your friend or do you want to surprise your wife on their wedding anniversary or perhaps on Valentine's Day? Then the choice for a portrait pencil drawing - having a portrait drawn with a pencil is just right for you.

Drawings with pencil for beginners - 100 drawings to trace

Pictures to trace with pencil for beginners.

At the beginning it is difficult to discover motives or to think up motives. That's why there are various signs or pictures or even objects that you can simply copy. Among other things, a banana, a triangle or something similar are suitable. It's all about drawing simple pictures with a pencil to get used to it. Once you've progressed a little, it also works to use drawings to trace and get a little more successful from it.

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