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Portrait drawings as a gift - what you need to know

Have a portrait drawn as a birthday present ? - We see again and again that many are unsure what to give away. They always want to give something new and creative, but in the end they come up with an ordinary gift idea. It's difficult to find a satisfying gift.

Portrait drawings as a gift

Portrait drawings with pencil as a gift - It doesn't have to be expensive

But the way you give a unique gift is already a great gift. Yes, we are talking about a portrait from a photo! Here are the 5 reasons why a portrait drawing is the best choice for a gift :

1. Make your day unforgettable

Giving a meaningful gift will make their day a wonderful one and they will never forget it for the rest of their lives. By giving your loved one a portrait sketch, portrait pencil drawing, you create both a beautiful memory and make it one of the greatest gifts you can give!

2. Portrait drawings as a special gift

As the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs said, "Think differently." This saying also applies to the art of giving gifts and creating everything. Why would you give your loved one something common that you can buy at any store when instead you can give a unique and fun gift that will also create a long lasting memory? Art reflects emotions. So don't just give portraits as gifts , but also give feelings!

3. Portrait drawing as an everlasting present

Some gifts don't last long, but that's not the case with art. Your portrait drawing will last a long time because an oil painting is rarely forgotten. Instead of being put away, the sketch could be hung on the wall or some other interesting place. Every time your loved one looks at their sketch, they will remember that you gave them a truly priceless gift - a priceless memory.

4. Portrait sketch as surprise gifts

If you really want to surprise your loved one, you should prepare an unexpected idea, an impossible idea that they least expect. Your loved ones will have no words to express their feelings. For example, our loyal customer, David, gave Anna 3 paintings, but three different surprises, and not once was she not surprised by such paintings. Anna's mother died when she was very young. David gave her a portrait of Anna and her deceased mother (they didn't have a picture together yet), a while later she received a painting of her father and mother and their sisters in a family portrait . And at that moment he gave Anna a picture of the moment Anna first held her son in the hospital. So her family hung three works in the living room and her son will grow up looking back with these beautiful memories.

5. Portrait drawing from photo evokes emotions

Whenever the recipient sees a beautiful portrait drawing , they are touched. This feeling will remind them that you gave them a wonderful gift.

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Art has real value in that. What are you waiting for? We offer free advice and create a free design together with you. Our motivation is to create great moments & gifts and to help real people with real causes and messages. So why not make an unusual Christmas gift, birthday present or wedding anniversary gift for once?