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Portrait drawn from a photo Pencil Crayon Order a portrait based on a photo template. Custom Portrait From Photo

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What exactly do you mean by Artprint and Original?

The original premium drawing gives you a drawing with maximum detail and a high degree of subtlety, contrast and shading.

Artprint is also a work of art and is also hand drawn on art paper, like our original drawings. These will be scanned by the artist after completion. These premium fine art are printed and will be sent to you even faster.

You will only receive a preview by email or WhatsApp if you do not order an original drawing as an art print and order an order value of more than 100 EUR.

"plus VAT." means that VAT will be charged in addition to the stated price. (Taxes depend on customer's country. e.g. Germany 7% and 19%)

Number of people/animals

How about having a special portrait drawn , in pencil or colored pencil, traced like your original based on a photograph . It is available immediately with Express in 7 days. Simply order online! If you want to pay your last respects to a loved one, then have a portrait made with the deceased at Sketchus Portrait.

Have a portrait drawn from a photo with a pencilHave a portrait drawn from a photo Pencil Sketchus

Custom Portrait From Photo with pencil, graphite & pastel chalk, production in 7 days

Portraits drawn and portraits painted: 100% hand-drawn! Your ✏️pencil picture from the photo - do not draw digitally from the computer!

Are you looking for the perfect portrait, hand-made family picture drawing with maximum WOW effect for your loved ones or just for yourself? Here we draw your photo templates, your deceased family members and their photos as very high-quality and detailed portraits . We also offer express service making in just 7 days.

We use pencils, graphite or pastels & colored pencils on high quality paper to draw . You will receive the original picture drawn in pencil , not copied or digitally painted from the app & computer. We don't create a photocopy like a camera and filters, we create an eternal special moment.

More on this: Have a family portrait drawn

Have a portrait drawn Paint pictures from a photo Have drawings made Portrait Sketch based on a photo Order black and white Portrait as a gift Have a picture painted at Tu Ho Hoa Tran sketchus

Upload your photos for the graphite drawing and we will draw your templates as very high-quality portraits. Alternatively, you can email us the templates to or to Whatsapp after you have placed your order.

  • Additional changes and requests will be sent via Whatsapp for viewing.
  • After 7 days we will send the original drawing by post with tracking number after approval.

Have a premium portrait made based on a photo template

The premium drawing gets a drawing with maximum detail and a high degree of subtlety, contrast and shading.





Drawn on drawing paper

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creative art

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Professional artists

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High-quality materials

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Free shipping

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express service

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Preview via Whatsapp


Original artwork


Maximum details



Portraits based on photos - out of love for animals and family - our message

Our families are a great inspiration for us to draw something every day. Everyone loves their family, but few people can show it. We'll help you with that. Replace your words with a poignant pencil image from the photo with expression and affection.

We keep your memories in an eternal work. It looks at you every day and this gives you more joy in everyday life.

Portrait nach Foto zeichnen lassen Schwarz weiß Portrait zeichnen

With Sketchus.DE we want to turn our passion into a profession and offer all animal lovers and family people the chance to capture moments together in a work of art for eternity.

We also draw your personal animal portrait - you can have any portrait, any picture drawn with us

What is portrait drawing from photo?

Each portrait has a life of its own. If you compare a drawn portrait with the original motif, you will find that it never looks exactly the same. Why is that?

Most people only compare the similarity of the subjects and disregard the atmosphere, the effect, the special qualities or the feelings of the object at that moment. However, each motif has many different views and characteristics - a life of its own. Sketchus portrait artists know the secret behind a unique portrait versus a detailed photocopy. The transport of these lively moments and feelings is essential for a good portrait, because portrait art shows a special, emotional detail, not just an overall picture.

Have a picture painted from a photo Have drawings made Portrait Sketch based on a photo Order black and white Portrait as a gift Sketchus

In general, a portrait is a drawing that focuses on the face, its details and its expressions. In addition, external specifics and character traits of the object are taken into account. Although the face is the focus in a portrait from the photo, parts of the body and parts of the background can be visible. These elements are used to better represent the type of object drawn, its strengths and weaknesses, to emphasize or reduce them if necessary. A portrait from a photo does not have to look exactly like it was copied, photographed or printed from a computer. If we speak of a unique portrait, it is a work of art, an original drawing with soul, consciousness and feeling. It is the creation of a portrait painter whose emotions will last for hundreds of years without losing their value and meaning. Oil portraits - having oil paintings painted & portraits drawn are therefore popular motifs in classic drawing and are among the favorite depictions of our Sketchus artists.

Original graphite drawing based on a photo - a really valuable gift

Why having a portrait drawn from a photo is a great gift?

Every year, for every occasion, the question arises: "What am I giving?". There are people who don't have a nice portrait of themselves or their loved ones. That's why portrait drawings are a beautiful, lasting memory as a gift . So why not give an unusual gift and have yourself, your children or your partner drawn?

A Sketchus graphite drawing is a personalized drawing that comes from the heart. So you can immediately present this drawing to your loved ones, family or friends and delight them with a special surprise!

Our home and living space is a place we long for after a hard day and always love to return. Don't let the room and the walls get dusty, don't spend 365 days of your time in a monotonous environment. Decorate your home with unique hand-drawn images , defining stories, special moments that make you happy and that you want to remember forever. You are giving your soul peace and tranquility every time you open your door to return Home.

In interior design, paintings are used as a key element, among other things, to highlight walls, fill in gaps, and cover up construction flaws. Fine art portraits emphasize the style, understanding, taste and personality of the owner.

You can get beautiful moments and memories through cameras and smartphones, but a photocopy or a digital computer drawing does not convey deep emotions like something individually handcrafted. An original hand-drawn portrait will give you joy every day, because as soon as you look at the work, it tells you a real lived story. Think, for example, of the painting of the Mona Lisa, which draws millions of people to the Louvre every year because it tells an authentic story that will always fascinate us.

What do you need to know before you want to order a painting?

A high-quality individual portrait costs money

Drawing has been a means of artistic expression for thousands of years. Portrait drawing is so much fun and anyone can draw a portrait. But if you invest in the right portrait artist, it pays off in high quality, better implementation and high artistic standards. Every drawing is unique, every artist is unique and therefore every portrait is unique.

Have a cheap individual portrait drawn from a photo for 49 euros, is that possible? Basically no! In our opinion, a high-quality premium portrait drawing from a photo in A4 format (20 x 30 cm) should never only cost 49 euros. But at Sketchus you can have a very nice puristic, minimalist single portrait sketch made, an art print for €49, which will definitely captivate you and make you dream.

Before you spend money on portrait painting, we want to give you some simple tips and tricks on what to look for. So, ask yourself the questions:

  • Is the picture drawn with pencil, graphite or computer, apps, filters?
  • How many pencil photos did the artist draw: 100 or 10,000?
  • What materials does the artist use? Cheap or high quality?

More on this: Custom painting prices

Real original portraits from photos bring more emotions

Because of the hassle and expense, many websites and artists have now switched to selling printed, traced images and digital poster art rather than a real hand-made image with real pens and real paints. Want to find an authentic original work of art? It's a bit difficult today to have one made by hand. But if the picture was drawn from the photo, which transports emotion, moves as a gift or expresses love and gratitude for one another, the feeling of holding it in your hands is indescribable.

Buying hand-painted paintings is difficult, and it's even more difficult to find an original hand -drawn artist who can bring the client's ideas and intentions to life exactly as you want them to. In fact, there are many people who would pay a lot of money for an original. An example of the portrait of Dr. Gachet that fetched more than 15 million euros in an auction. You could easily have it printed for as little as tens of dollars using the finest ink, stock, or fine art paper. But it will never grab you as emotionally as a Vincent van Gogh original. That's why "Have a photo painted " with original real crafts is the best choice to give family tangible emotions that can be experienced and to preserve the best moments.

Original pencil drawing - will help you more than you think

We all know that painting portraits or black and white portraits is simply a copy of a photograph, but Sketchus believes in more. We all saw many portraits in museums, castles, art galleries, events... At that time we all asked questions who are these people in these paintings. What have they been through? What story do they have? Thanks to these portraits we can imagine the past, history, as well as the stories hidden in it.

Portrait Pictures made with graphite have souls

A graphite drawing shows what the artist sees and cannot be seen with a camera or copy. Thousands of works of art are also called thousands of touching stories that have emerged. Can a graphite drawing, a picture from a photo, change someone's life? There is a young man who was suffering from depression and wanted to commit suicide. His mother commissioned a portrait made of him as a small baby. After receiving the charcoal drawing from his mother, it helped him find his way back and find happiness in life. And one of thousands of other stories that we - the Sketchus Portrait Team - would be happy to write with you.

  • Whether it should be heartwarming for your family!
  • Preserving beautiful memories between children, parents, grandparents
  • A last, fulfilling wish when you want to say goodbye!
  • Thank you to loved ones!
  • A gift for the wedding anniversary!
  • A confession for someone special!

It will share a piece of happiness!

Order online - express shipping to Austria, Switzerland and worldwide

Where can I find good artists? Austria, Switzerland and Germany?

There are hundreds of thousands of good artists in Austria , Switzerland and Germany and millions of people around the world, so it is difficult to decide where is the best place to have your portrait drawn . You can compare the following criteria with our points: experience, delivery time and production, satisfaction, original , price, shipping costs, secure payment methods.

How long does one draw on a good pencil picture, beautiful pastel drawing?

A unique beautiful portrait drawing means a lot of work and attention to detail. Depending on the size, the production of a portrait can take several hours, days and even months. How long it takes to draw a portrait always depends on the motif, the technique and the size. This is where the difference between quality and quantity becomes noticeable. A good pastel portrait is finished when it achieves its goal. This can sometimes take between 5 and 20 hours. At Sketchus, portraits are usually drawn according to order or just in time. Therefore the waiting time including production is approx. 5-10 days. If you want a specific earlier date, we can bring your order forward for a small express surcharge and draw and send the portrait pencil drawing within approx. 3-5 days.

Have a picture painted from a photo cheaply in 7 days, is that possible?

Yes! You can do it! We use the latest online shop system and have integrated secure online payment methods with major partners such as Visa, Klarna, Mastercard. Orders are processed in the order received. For particularly urgent orders, we offer express production service in 3-4 days. You can find the options for selecting the time to complete at the bottom of the Checkout section.

There are 3 manufacturing time options to choose from at the end of each order

  1. 25 days: Packaging and shipping are completely free of charge for you.
  2. 10 days: You pay approx. 10 euros / 1 package for shipping
  3. Express production in 3-4 days: have the picture painted from the photo Express ! You pay for the shipping and a small surcharge to the artist to save your surprise no matter where you are, Austria Switzerland or USA.

With the new online configurator and the automatic selection, you get an overview that answers all your questions about price, size, picture examples, delivery, frequently asked questions, etc. You simply choose the size, the price and the delivery time and pay online. Your Sketchus portrait team will take care of the rest

Have portraits painted with the deceased - several photo templates for one work of art

The Sketchus team has been working as artists for more than 15 years in the painting with very blurred, old portrait pictures of many customers and deceased. To draw a picture for the deceased , all we would need is a photographed or blurred photo! We connect with the deceased and with the relatives, families or animals and create a beautiful memory as a unique portrait. We have project examples, references and experiences in the field of reconstruction, works and restoration of old photos . (Portrait with deceased & relatives). This unique selling proposition helps us to create unprecedented and inimitable works. Our Sketchus customers are just simple, ordinary people like you and me. They look for ways to capture happiness, memories and joy. It doesn't have to be an expensive work of art either. The main thing is the emotion and the feeling is transported.

Many photos and templates, deceased family members to a unique portrait - insert the deceased into pictures

You know, it's also Sketchus' favorite theme, connecting people from different templates into one work - inserting the deceased into pictures . Drawing pictures from many pictures with deceased is difficult and requires many elements. Before each portrait, we discuss together which aspect is beautiful, which template is suitable, which style is applicable, the exact positioning of the actors, a before and after comparison. As long as a photo captures a significant moment in life, the photo you see is a beautiful moment or a photo that will definitely surprise the family.

Draw pictures of the deceased - insert the deceased into pictures

Draw pictures of the dead

Have a picture painted with the deceased - memories give us courage

Time is fleeting, but memories are not. Loved ones shape us throughout life. We don't forget what they have done for us and try every day to live the best life we ​​ever dreamed of. Departed loved ones do not feel the pain for the living left behind. But we have to process this and move on with the experience. Strength and overcoming come with time.

What does it actually mean to have pictures painted with the deceased?

It is an unrepeatable moment in the life of an important person. It is only when a loved one leaves us that we realize that there is never enough time. We could have maybe had more moments together. Our thoughts go in circles and we ask ourselves what could we have done differently. But the answer of simply living well and not regretting anything seems so far away to us. So we cling to solid memories, to the character, and create stitched, shared images so as not to lose them and ourselves.

Meaning of portrait drawing with a deceased

What does a picture with a deceased person mean to us? We crave repeatability and feel with the person. What the person has given us helps us to grow, unfold and develop. It is called differently, but a simple word for it would certainly be love. Therefore, sometimes a simple small photo picture is a piece of happiness in the hands of each individual.

Have a painted picture with deceased portraits drawn from a photo portrait based on a photo template Have a black and white portrait picture painted with deceased Sketchus.DE team

Painted picture with deceased

With original real art, it is possible to express feelings and emotions more clearly. We want to help.

Don't know which painting to choose?

No problem, the 24.7 support team is always ready to provide you with non-binding action and advice via WhatsApp and email Alternatively, simply upload your selected favorite photos to the website. With 15 years of experience, we will help you make your choice and will be happy to advise you on which one is most suitable.

Artprint - art prints - Would you like a special work of art that can be produced quickly?

This offers the possibility to have many people and very large works of art made at a very fair, attractive price. Our art print is also a work of art and is also hand drawn on art paper, like our original pencil drawings . The art prints offer almost a high quality level like the authentic drawings. With our artists represented worldwide, we offer you high-quality art prints with your desired template. These will be scanned by the artist after completion. This premium fine art is printed in our house and will be sent to you even faster. An art print order also supports the talented young artists to share their passion for art and to realize their own path and dreams

More : Artprint

What is special about the Sketchus.DE team?

experience 16 years, +11 000 artworks, since 2005
delivery time We offer express service making in just 2-3 days
creativity We do not create a simple copy like from a photo camera, but create an eternal special moment. Of course, it should match the template more than 90%
original You will receive the original, hand-drawn with pencil & pastel chalk, not simply copied or digitally generated by the computer. The picture can be experienced and seen as a work of art, a drawing
Prices We have a wide range of price categories. From 49 euros we draw a special memory in A4
Shipment You always have the choice to order free shipping from us. We deliver Express for a reasonable additional charge
payment You can order and pay online without hesitation; We work with the main, secure, fast online payment services. Of course, we also accept payment in advance and bank transfer
extras We offer a framing service for your drawing including a ready gift wrapping service
Blurred photo templates The Sketchus Portrait team has been working as artists in painting for more than 15 years with very blurry, old photos from many clients
From multiple templates We specialize in creating images from various photo templates into a total work of art. We can also create the feeling that everyone was present at the moment
certificate With your original Sketchus drawing you will receive a certificate of authenticity that guarantees you the authenticity and is confirmed by the artist and the Sketchus team
support team Don't know which image to choose? Just send a message via Whatsapp. We advise you without obligation around the clock

Original: pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, watercolour... on art paper. (or oil, acrylic on canvas)

Artprint: high-quality fine art poster paper, non-reflecting. (Or canvas print - oil portrait)


Free DHL shipping with tracking


The sizes are based on the Din A4 to A1 formats

A4: 20x30cm

A3: 30x40cm

A2: 42x60cm

A1: Please contact us on WhatApp in advance

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