Father child portrait for eternity - gift for family

Father-child portrait and what it means

Father and Child Portrait

Why capturing a father-child relationship uniquely in a portrait

Especially in a father-child relationship, the bonding usually starts later, because the child does not grow up in the father's womb. Don't worry men, there are various tips and ways to drastically improve this relationship. But capturing the most important moments in this relationship in a portrait is something special and you can tell so many stories about it.

Why is a father-child portrait suitable as a gift for Father's Day

Normally there is a drinking bout with the buddies on Father's/Men's Day, but for a change something very emotional can move something in every man's heart. Because men are human too and enjoy the simple things in life.

What makes a healthy father-child relationship expressed through a portrait

The quality of the interaction is more important than the quantity in building a secure father-child relationship. On the one hand, regularity and credibility are prerequisites for a child to grow up safely. On the other hand, the father's ambiguous behavior can lead to protective mechanisms and unstable attachments in the child.

  • The following requirements can be decisive:
  • Fathers are available to children - temporally, physically and emotionally
  • Dad reacts immediately and reliably to the child's signal
  • Children always find comfort, security and security with their dad
  • Mutual gratitude strengthens the bond between father and child
  • Dad balances closeness and distance to the child

In a portrait you can combine all these things and know what is worth fighting for.

Strength of character of the father in a portrait

The father has a crucial role of a supporter. A sensitive treatment when playing with the child promotes the bond between father and child. The father fulfills his duties by providing support, encouragement, comfort, or peace of mind. In order to take on the role of a man, the man must early embrace, carry and touch the child. Close physical contact increases the bond of warmth and understanding.

The physical strength of the father plays a central role. Because children can fight and fly better this way, and this promotes the child's self-confidence.