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Have a picture painted: create memories for the family

We are the experts in drawings and paintings, specializing in having your picture painted according to your wishes.

have a picture painted

Are you looking for a professional who will lovingly create a portrait for you? With us, Sketchus, we have been offering you professional services to transform your photos into real works of art since 2005. In addition to painting realistic images, we also accept commissions for watercolor, oil and charcoal drawings.

have a picture painted

Our products impress with:

  • 100% handmade and traditional methods: Each piece of art is made by hand, without any digitization.

  • Cheap prices from €49 : High-quality art doesn't have to be expensive.

  • Customer service via WhatsApp 24/7: We are there for you around the clock to answer questions and offer support.

  • Express shipping in 7 days: Fast delivery so you can have your artwork in your hands soon.

Why have a picture painted by Sketchus?

✅ Professional service since 2005: Trust in our many years of experience.

✅ Over 15,000 satisfied customers: The satisfaction of our customers speaks for itself.

✅ Insured delivery & free shipping with DHL: We guarantee safe and free delivery.

Each Sketchus image is a timeless and individual work of art

Decorate your four walls with something special that you and your guests will love. Or bring joy to a loved one with a long-lasting and personal gift.

This is how you secure your picture:

1️⃣ Order on URL: have a picture painted and upload your photos.

2️⃣ Pay securely online with PayPal, Klarna, Visa and more.

3️⃣ Get a customizable preview in 4-6 days.

4️⃣ If you give your consent, your picture will be sent immediately.