Portrait drawing of the deceased and recognizing their true value - family pictures with the deceased

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The portraits of honored deceased give us courage

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Time is fleeting, but memories are not. A loved one will shape us for the rest of our lives. We remember what they did for us and strive to live our best lives every day. A deceased loved one does not feel the pain of a life left behind. But we have to deal with it and move the experience forward. Strength and overcoming takes time.

Portraits with deceased people from several photos

What does it mean to have a painting of a deceased person drawn?

It's the moment to relive a beautiful memory with important people. When a loved one passes away, we understand that we don't have time. We may have experienced several simple moments. We ask ourselves what could have been different, but the answer of simply living well and having no regrets seems far away. We capture memories and character, creating a shared image from assembled images. This is how we honor the deceased through art

Photomontage with deceased people - putting pictures together

What does the image of a deceased person mean to us?

We long for moments with deceased people to be reproducible. Often it is the people who have given us strength and courage to keep going. A simple word for this will certainly be love. Therefore, simple little photos are certainly great good luck charms. Nevertheless, we believe that with original art we can bring out more power and emotions.

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