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Draw landscape pictures Paint nature with oil, pencil, colored pencil - let the picture be drawn

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What exactly do you mean by Artprint and Original?

The original premium drawing gives you a drawing with maximum detail and a high degree of subtlety, contrast and shading.

Artprint is also a work of art and is also hand drawn on art paper, like our original drawings. These will be scanned by the artist after completion. These premium fine art are printed and will be sent to you even faster.

You will only receive a preview by email or WhatsApp if you do not order an original drawing as an art print and order an order value of more than 100 EUR.

"plus VAT." means that VAT will be charged in addition to the stated price. (Taxes depend on customer's country. e.g. Germany 7% and 19%)

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How to learn to draw landscapes?

A challenge when drawing a landscape is, on the one hand, that you cannot draw the objects (trees, meadows, buildings, mountains) with all the finesse. It is well known that this would take far too long. You have to simplify everything. For example, the leaves of trees are only sketched, just like the grass in the meadows, the trees in the forest, the windows of high-rise buildings, and so on.

draw landscape landscape pictures to copy nature with pencil step by step trees house architecture city painted easy learn oil painting Sketchus

A few tips for drawing and painting landscape paintings

Drawing landscapes with a pencil is best for beginners.

Proportions and the right perspective play an important role in landscape painting. But how do you perform it, painting in such a way that the summary is "right" and coherent?

draw landscape landscape pictures to copy nature step by step trees house architecture city painted easy learn oil painting Sketchus

Orientations help you draw

The various vanishing point opportunities can help you there. You can use them to arrange the divided modules “correctly” in space, i.e. in such a way that a harmonious and realistic work is created in the end. In the meantime, you should remember at all times: The further a bit "away", i.e. in the background of the image, is, the smaller it has to be drawn.

The individuality of the works of art

And, the most important thing. Art in general and landscape painting in particular thrives on the diversity and diversity of the artists. After all, everyone has their own special approaches, inspirations and ways of expressing themselves. And especially in landscape painting, the impression of the work of art stands and falls with the flair that the artist expresses through the work. A summery landscape at daybreak is quite different from a landscape at winter's dusk.

draw landscape landscape pictures to copy nature with pencil step by step painted trees easy to learn Sketchus

Own style in landscape drawings

Find your style, do what you want and in this way how you want it. Try it out and find your way.
Also try to accommodate eye-catchers on your landscape drawing. This means objects that catch the eye and make the drawing more interesting.

Make sure that your landscape drawing does not only contain horizontal lines or structures, because that looks boring. Also try to get image objects on your image that run vertically, such as trees.

In addition, the rules mentioned do not only apply to drawing, but also to painting landscapes.

draw landscape imitate nature with pencil step by step trees house architecture city painted easy learn oil painting Sketchus

Create ambience through times of day, seasons and weather

Depending on what time of day, what weather situation and what season you choose, the landscape drawing can evoke different feelings in the viewer. A landscape in the course of rainy weather can, for example, evoke melancholy feelings. When everything is covered in snow, everything tends to appear calm and peaceful. A landscape drawing with flowering meadows and trees with leaves has a predominantly friendly and cheering effect.

draw landscape landscape pictures to copy nature with pencil step by step house architecture city painted learn oil painting Sketchus

The scaling in a landscape drawing

But there is more to consider when drawing a landscape or painting nature. It is well known that you should think carefully about where the horizon should lie in the drawing. The horizon is the limit where sky and earth or water meet. Depending on where you put the horizon, you can either see more of the sky or more of the ground on the drawing. Experiment around a bit, do some sketching and designing to find the flawless positioning of the horizon for your landscape drawing.

Step by step instructions - How to draw a landscape picture

Step number 1: The sketch

Painting landscapes is theoretically quite easy. All you have to do is draw the landscape step by step. Begin the landscape drawing with a rough sketch on the piece of paper.

Landscape pictures to paint nature with pencil step by step trees painted easy learn Sketchus

Step number 2: scaling

If the proportions are more or less right, you can work out the preliminary drawing a bit better. You can easily draw in more subtleties and draw in one or more objects of the landscape picture a little more. Try yourself effortlessly and find your way.

draw landscape with pencil step by step house architecture city painted easy learn Sketchus

Step number 3: Start drawing

If everything fits so far, you can really start drawing in this way. Trees are often a somewhat thankless task in landscape drawings or landscape paintings. These trees are probably just as much a reason why I rarely draw landscape paintings in this way. You have to think a little about how much you simplify the trees in the drawing - after all, you can't draw each separate leaf and branch.
Nevertheless, the trees should not be drawn too smoothly if you want to draw a reasonably realistic landscape picture. You must smoothly find your particular middle ground.

landscape to trace with pencil step by step trees house architecture city painted easy learn sketch Sketchus

Oil painting of a landscape, why?

Oil paintings have been made by hand for so long, but today everything is faster with a variety of tools. An oil painting landscape gives one the feeling of inner peace. Due to the strong intense colors and brush techniques, oil painting landscape with house becomes a very powerful, appealing oil painting, which makes everything even more lively. Having a house painted is a real opportunity to develop motivation to create something. Oil painting helps to make the hidden visible and to put personality on paper.

Landscape Paintings to Paint House Architecture City Oil Painting Sketchus

Landscape drawing - what does it mean to have a drawing made?

What about one of the most important things in a person's life? It's friends who motivate you to get through something or to try something new. Especially when you are looking for a gift for friends, which also has a profound meaning, then a personalized gift with a photo comes into question. It expresses how special someone is to you. You may also care about your friend's family to express this. Have a personalized drawing of the family made. You will be very happy about it.

draw landscape landscape pictures to copy nature sketch with pencil step by step trees painted easy learn oil painting Sketchus

Custom Painting Landscape of a self?

But which person should be number one, each of you. Because only you know exactly what is right for you. You can have a very nice personalized portrait drawn of yourself. Then you will realize how good you actually are. You will build new motivation and work day after day.

Landscape pictures to draw nature Sketch with pencil step by step Trees House Architecture Sketchus
Landscape to paint nature sketch step by step trees house architecture city learn to paint Sketchus

Original: pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, watercolour... on art paper. (or oil, acrylic on canvas)

Artprint: high-quality fine art poster paper, non-reflecting. (Or canvas print - oil portrait)


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