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Convert Photo to Line Drawing - One Line Art

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What exactly do you mean by Artprint and Original?

The original premium drawing gives you a drawing with maximum detail and a high degree of subtlety, contrast and shading.

Artprint is also a work of art and is also hand drawn on art paper, like our original drawings. These will be scanned by the artist after completion. These premium fine art are printed and will be sent to you even faster.

You will only receive a preview by email or WhatsApp if you do not order an original drawing as an art print and order an order value of more than 100 EUR.

"plus VAT." means that VAT will be charged in addition to the stated price. (Taxes depend on customer's country. e.g. Germany 7% and 19%)

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Line Art Poster - Have you always wanted to know what it's like to have a line drawing made based on your photo?

Line Drawing Lineart One Line Art Poster Convert Photo to Line Drawing Newlyweds Wedding Couple Baby Family Face Line Art Sketchus

What is line drawing?

Line drawing is artwork that can be drawn in cartoon, manga or comic style. The work of art itself is not colored, but consists only of lines, they can also be seen as a kind of sketch for a completed work. Line drawings are drawn exclusively from lines, without other areas being colored.

Lineart One Line Art Photo to Line Drawing Newlyweds Wedding Couple Family Face Line Art Sketchus

What exactly is one line art?

As the name suggests, one-line art is a drawing in which the line is not broken. But there is only one line that is drawn, it sounds very simple, but there is much more to it than you think. The line can be back, straight, curved, light, dark and more. In the end, this creates a self-contained work of art. Many artists use this technique to simplify complex works. This creates a kind of minimalism in its purest form, because all superfluous details are reduced from the essential.

Wedding Love Couple Face Line Art Sketchus

How do you convert your photos to line art with Sketchus?

You can simply send us your photo and we will give you a preview via WhatsApp of what your unique work of art will look like. You also have the possibility to send us several photos, because we specialize in converting images from different photo templates to a line drawing . The nice thing is that you can also decorate your apartment with the abstract art of one-line art, if you love art in your apartment, you can possibly enhance it and you have a nice emotional connection. The nice thing about this is, in contrast to a photo that is somewhere in your cell phone, you have the opportunity to examine the photo at any time.

Wedding Sketch Newlyweds Wedding Couple Line Art Sketchus

Newlyweds Wedding Couple Line Drawing - Great Gift?

Line Drawing One Line Art Poster Convert Photo to Line Drawing Wedding Couple Line Art Sketchus

Line Art from Sketchus is a great gift idea for every occasion, because every single work of art is unique and it is a very nice individual and personal gift. Especially when you are thinking "what can I give the bride and groom" when you are invited. It is important that each work of art is drawn by hand. It's also great because the newlyweds will both remember you if you have a good relationship and always think back to the beautiful.

Baby Line Drawing - A Really Valuable Gift?

Baby Line Art Sketchus One LineArt

Especially babies and toddlers are developing very fast you will see the development day by day and in a year everything is more and more beautiful, that's why you can capture a moment in a unique painting through line drawing to remember the beautiful moments you will become see how this painting gives you strength again and again and how it makes you smile again and again. It is not only valuable for you, but anyone who is allowed to look at this work of art will be able to see that you care deeply about your offspring and that you will always be there "come what may."

Family Line Drawing - What do you need to know?

Baby Family Mother and Child Line Art Sketchus

It's not that easy to arrange a family picture, because there is always someone who doesn't have time or is otherwise busy. A fine family line drawing is well suited to fill in this gap. Because with Sketchus you have the possibility to have several photos displayed in one work of art. Don't miss the opportunity to portray your family. Because as everyone should know, family is one of the most important things in life because they will always have your back when everyone else has left you. So capture a beautiful family moment so you don't forget what happened. A beautiful family picture will always remind you of the happiness you have. It can restore old strength and eventually give you the strength to get up in a predicament and start over because you know what is worth fighting for.

Line Drawing Animals - Lineart by Sketchus

Dogs Sketch Line Art Animals Sketchus
Horse line art Sketchus one Line art
Line Drawing Cat Lineart Line Art Poster Convert Photo to Line Drawing Line Art Animals Sketchus

What do we offer you at Sketchus?

  • Shipping faster

After your draft has been created, we will send your picture as soon as possible. You will usually receive it within 2-5 working days.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your picture. If it's not you, you'll get your money back without any "ifs and buts".

  • From multiple templates

We specialize in making images from different photo templates in a line drawing

  • Personal professional artist

During the design process, a Sketchus artist will be at your side and will answer all your questions in the chat. With 16 years of experience, approx. 11,000+ drawn works of art and active in the art business since 2005, we have the right experience to be optimally tailored to you.

  • Optimal gift idea

With a line art picture from Sketchus you have found a super individual and personal gift for every occasion.

  • creativity

Each work of art is elaborately hand-drawn just for you.

  • Secure payment

You can order and pay online without hesitation.

  • Image preview via WhatsApp

Changes can be made conveniently via WhatsApp before delivery. As soon as you are satisfied with our line drawing, we will send you the line art drawing by mail.

  • Refund warranty

We offer a money-back guarantee if you don't like your finished design. So you have no risk with your order.

Available line art poster sizes: A4, A3, A2

Creation time: 3-4 working days

Shipping time: 2-3 business days after design approval

Sketchus was founded in Vietnam in 2005 with the mission to capture unique and unforgettable moments in stylish line art artworks.


Original: pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, watercolour... on art paper. (or oil, acrylic on canvas)

Artprint: high-quality fine art poster paper, non-reflecting. (Or canvas print - oil portrait)


Free DHL shipping with tracking


The sizes are based on the Din A4 to A1 formats

A4: 20x30cm

A3: 30x40cm

A2: 42x60cm

A1: Please contact us on WhatApp in advance

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