Collection: Wedding anniversary gifts

Personal and individual gifts for your wedding anniversary

Are you wondering what to give for a wedding anniversary? With us you will find many personalized gifts that bring love and joy. Whether romantic or minimalist - we have the perfect idea for you.

Wedding portrait service

Make your wedding day even more memorable with a hand-drawn portrait. A personal work of art that captures your love and the special moments of your marriage is a unique gift that will be remembered forever. Our professional artists create stunning portraits that bring emotions and details to life.

Wedding anniversary gift

Loving gift ideas for every wedding anniversary

  • Wooden Wedding (5 years): Symbolize the warmth and permanence of your relationship with a pencil gift.
  • Rose Wedding (10 years): Celebrate love with romantic and floral gifts that reflect passion.
  • Parsley Wedding (12 years): Bring freshness and spice to your relationship with a special gift.
  • Crystal Wedding (15 years): Radiate clarity and purity with sparkling crystal gifts.
  • Ruby Wedding (40 years): Show the enduring passion of your marriage with a deep red, symbolic gift.

Romantic gifts for women

A wedding anniversary deserves a special gift. Surprise your loved one with a romantic and unique gift that symbolizes your love and makes it unforgettable.

Unique gifts for men

Men also enjoy romantic gifts. Discover our elegant and personalized gift ideas that are guaranteed to bring joy and make your husband's heart beat faster.

Celebrating love together

A wedding anniversary is a day of love and shared happiness. Surprise your sweetheart with a special gift that reminds them of the wonderful years you spent together. Personalized gifts make the day unforgettable.

Inspiration for special wedding anniversaries

  • Diamond wedding anniversary (60 years): A special gift for this unique anniversary shows appreciation and love.
  • Other special wedding anniversaries: Whether it's a wooden, rose or ruby ​​wedding anniversary - find the perfect gift for every occasion.

What do you give your partner for their wedding anniversary?

Surprise your favorite person with a personal and loving gift. Whether it's special delicacies, wellness trips or small gifts - show how much your time together means to you.

Gifts for family and friends

Celebrate love together and make your loved ones happy. Whether traditional gifts or creative cash gifts, find the right gift that will make the special day unforgettable.