Pencil drawings suitable for any occasion - especially great gifts for art lovers

Different styles of pencil drawings

Pencil drawings for every occasion

What makes pencil drawings so special? Pencil drawings form the basis of all arts in the field of drawing and with the help of various techniques, very detailed as well as rough portraits can be made. Due to the graphite core and its different strengths, the pencil is one of the best tools for artists to give their creativity free rein. For portrait painting, for example, the portrait made with pencil, in contrast to color portraits, is independent of light. Pencil drawings are suitable for any occasion and also make wonderful unique gifts. Have a pencil drawing made for you too.

Pencil drawings for every occasion as a gift

Pencil drawings for every occasion as a gift

Pencil drawings portrait

Animal portrait pencil drawing

In addition to landscape painting, animals are very important. They have existed for millions of years, but not everything is known about the animal kingdom. The first depictions of animals on the wall are around 45,000 years old. After this quick glance, it's easy to see that people have been drawing animals for a long time. But why are animals so special? Animals come in a variety of shapes, types and colors and are very unique. You don't have to capture this beauty in a photo. Pencil painting can be very expressive.

pencil drawings animals

What does it mean to have an animal portrait as a pencil drawing?

Along with humans, animals have always been a part of this world. There are farm animals, pets and more. Animals have great traits like loyalty and gratitude from their characters. We believe that all animals deserve a decent life. But we, the people, are responsible for it. If you are interested, you can have an animal portrait drawn with a pencil as a small step. The longer you spend time with animals, the more you'll find that you always get along well. They don't judge you and accept you as you are.