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watercolor drawings
watercolor drawings
watercolor drawings

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Watercolors – sensual art forms

Watercolor painting is already taught in elementary school. Colors are mixed with water and carefully applied to the paper. Soft transitions and faded areas create a uniform watercolor. With some clear accents and a soft surface, our mind creates a calm and harmonious image. The lack of detail stimulates our imagination, with clean elements complemented by the watercolored faces and heads of our portraits.

Watercolor painting, one of the oldest painting techniques on earth

Watercolor portraits were already being made in the cave around 50,000 years before Christ. By crushing the rock deposits and adding river water, the mixture flowed together. Applying or shaping watercolor paints with the hands, fingers, and blow were the techniques of a watercolor painter. These techniques were improved over thousands of years in the advanced civilizations of Egypt and China. Egyptians painted papyrus with a watercolor pencil

Egyptian watercolor artists created wonderful stories and legends of the gods. The powerful pharaohs recorded knowledge, prosperity and wealth via the then newly developed papyrus. These mats enhance the effect of water-soluble color pigments. Even today, thanks to papyrus mats, watercolor pencils are of high quality and can be passed on to future generations. In China, a tradition and typography emerged from watercolors and inks.

Artworks in watercolor and their meaning today

Art, tradition, aesthetics, sound - these are all key points that have been embedded in Chinese culture and history for thousands of years. Watercolors and ink painting are increasingly seen as part of the lifestyle. It draws emotions and truths and expresses people's inner workings. Even today, traditions and values ​​are conveyed using Chinese characters.

With small drawing equipment, the watercolor painter could easily capture the entire landscape or atmospheric outdoor scene. Famous watercolor painters are Caspar David Friedrich, Kandinsky, Paul Klee and Paul Cézanne.

Unique watercolor artworks help everyone

Watercolors are unique and cannot be repeated one-to-one. Whether you have a modern watercolor drawn or draw it yourself, it helps to relax your mind. The wet-on-wet technique creates unexpected and stylish effects. It usually cannot be fixed after the fact, so you need to choose the right steps with little skill and advice. If you want advice or want to create a unique watercolor.