Nude portrait - What does a nude drawing mean?

A nude portrait drawing represents a section or the entire naked human body

The history and aesthetics behind each nude painting pencil play a particularly important role. Nowadays, nude portraits of women or men are particularly in demand, because this corresponds to a very strong way of expression and one accepts one's body as it was created. You can still see the attraction and magic of the naturally formed bodies. It is not always the small details that count, but much more what is meant to be expressed and intended.

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While earlier nude drawings and nude paintings were made extremely precisely and precisely, later eras and expressionism brought new styles and techniques. These also allowed for new forms of nude portraiture and art. More abstract nude paintings and works with more expressive, more lively motifs were created, which left more interpretations and effects in the viewer

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Life drawing has been around for more than 15 centuries

Life drawing has been carried out since the 15th century and is certainly one of the oldest forms of expression in art history. The body was already used symbolically in antiquity and the Renaissance as a means of representing beauty and life. So there are many uncovered examples, especially in the epochs. Michelangelo is one of the most famous artists who led the Renaissance era to the rebirth of antiquity and splendor with nude painting.

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Proportions in nude drawing

The beauty of nude drawings is divided by the exact proportions of the human body and the dependencies of the parts. Every part of the body, every form, no matter how uneven, and imprecise symmetry of the body lets the harmony, aesthetic effect with the golden section disappear in the eye of the beholder. The life drawing artists of the time placed particular value on this, while the more contemporary artists played with the forms and techniques.

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From life drawing to modern life painting art

Life drawing is an art form that has evolved over time. The enthusiasm, the appeal and the attraction for nude portraits and nude paintings can still be found today in mature adults. This art shows how free and individual everyone can be and celebrates the natural created life in the moment.

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Nude portrait - predecessor of erotic magazines

Life drawing was not always a matter of course at all times. Chastity and restriction of all physical forms of representation, which led to fornication and forms of extramarital acts, also came through faith and religion over the centuries. The development of technology, society and art brought more and more acceptance and approval for free, individual and graceful nudes. This can be found in the first erotic magazines of the 50s and 60s, including Playboy Magazine.

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