Signs of the deceased and the creative connection through art

Signs of the Deceased: A Glimpse into the Magic of Creative Connection through Art

In our lives there are moments that go beyond what is visible, moments that touch us in subtle ways and make us feel that the souls of the departed are still close to us. These signs from the afterlife are often difficult to explain, but for those who experience them, they are unmistakable messages of love and connection.

Signs of the deceased

The 6 most common messages from the afterlife

1. The deceased person appears in the dream:

Dreams are often the bridge between our worlds. In dreams we can see the beloved faces we miss so much and feel their presence. It is as if they are paying us a visit to reassure us that they are still with us.

2. Acoustic messages

Sometimes we hear familiar voices or sounds that remind us of the person who has died. These acoustic messages are like gentle melodies that remind us that love never fades.

3. Touching the deceased

A tender touch on the shoulder or a gentle breeze can be a sign that the souls of the deceased are reaching us in a loving way. It's as if they want to comfort us and make their presence felt.

4. Smells of the deceased

A sudden scent associated with a deceased person can trigger an emotional wave. It is as if they hug us through familiar smells and share their love with us.

5. Animals as signs

In many cultures, animals are viewed as ambassadors between worlds. The unusual behavior of animals may indicate that the souls of the deceased reach us in a special way.

6. Moving objects

Sometimes we notice objects moving or falling over for no apparent reason. This could be a subtle attempt to get our attention and show us that the spiritual connection is strong.

Portrait with the deceased: The creative connection through art

Signs of the deceased

In the midst of these spiritual experiences, art offers a unique opportunity to take the connection with the deceased to a deeper level. A deceased portrait is more than just a painting; it is a creative and sensitive way to preserve their presence in a unique work of art.

The magic of memory art at

At we understand the depth of these connections and offer the opportunity to get individual portraits hand-drawn from various photo templates. This is no ordinary art; it is a form of memorial art that captures the love we feel for those who have died in every stroke.

Signs of the deceased

Each hand drawing is a love letter to the past

The hand drawings that emerge from the photo templates are like bridges between worlds. Every detail is created with care and sensitivity to uniquely reflect the personality and love of the deceased person. Such a portrait becomes not only an artistic masterpiece, but a precious heirloom that will preserve the family's history and legacy for generations.

Art as a channel of love, sadness and joy

When we connect with our loved ones in this way, art becomes a channel of love, sadness and joy. It is a way to continue telling their stories, preserving their traces and keeping their souls alive in our hearts. At we are proud to offer this creative way to connect and honor precious memories through art.

Love in every line: Portrait with the deceased at

In the hands of our artists, every portrait of the deceased becomes a loving tribute to life and an expression of the undying connection between worlds. Let us discover together the beauty of this connection through art and celebrate the memories of those who live on in our hearts.

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