How much does it cost to have a picture painted?

Hello art lovers and those who want to become art lovers!

Welcome to Sketchus - the place where your wishes come to life on paper without making your wallet cry! Today it's all about the question: " How much does it cost to have a picture painted? "

We have the answer, and it's as exciting as an explosion of color!

The starting price: €49 for your smile!

Yes, you heard that right! Our prices start at just €49. For this bargain you get a wonderful art print with a person in A4. That's crazy, isn't it?

How much does it cost to have a picture painted?

But wait, there's more!

Our art is as individual as you! With different painting styles and sizes, we offer you the opportunity to design your work of art exactly according to your ideas. Whether it's one person, a whole group or even your favorite animal - everything is possible with us!

The highlight: our configurator makes it possible!

We want you to get exactly what you imagine. That's why we launched our smart configurator. Just follow the link and get started:

Click here for the configurator!

Our highlights for you:

  • ⭐ Cheap from €49
  • ⭐ Available 24/7 via WhatsApp (yes, we are always there for you, even if you suddenly kiss your creative muse at night!)
  • ⭐ Express shipping in just 7 days (because we understand that anticipation is the greatest joy)
  • ⭐ Portrait from different photos (show us what you really look like, or how you would like to look - we make it possible!)
  • ⭐ 100% hand-drawn, without filters or Photoshop (we don't come off the shelf, everything is handmade with attention to detail)

Why Sketchus?

  • ✅ We have been providing professional service since 2005 (like a good wine, we only get better with time!)
  • ✅ Over 15,000 satisfied customers (and counting!)
  • ✅ Our online shop offers various payment methods (we like it flexible, just like you!)
  • ✅ Order in just 2 minutes (because time is money, but art is priceless)
  • ✅ Free shipping (because surprises are only fun when they have no hidden costs)

How much does it cost to have a picture painted?

Your smile is priceless, but we still make it affordable!

Put an end to boring walls and put your smile on paper & canvas! With Sketchus you not only paint, but also laugh and cry. We are more than just an art shop - we are a journey into the world of creativity, fun and affordable art.

Start your journey now: Have your portrait drawn!

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