Unser Tipp zu Weihnachten – Artprint Premium Portraitzeichnung günstig ab 49€

Our tip for Christmas - Artprint Premium portrait drawing cheap from 49€

Do you know why there is Artprint portrait drawing?

If not, let me start with a little story...

Erika, a long-time customer, regularly orders original portrait drawings from us and, as always, she also ordered one in this story. I promised Erika to finish the drawing within a week.

But a lot of things happened in that week. My wife Hoa Tran , heavily pregnant and shortly before Angelina was born, became ill and had to go to the emergency room with a fever of 40 degrees. In order to be by her side, I canceled all my appointments and duties immediately.

Angelina and us

I also had to make a new appointment with Erika and postpone the completion by another 7 days.

Unfortunately, Erika couldn't wait 14 days either, because the work of art ordered was supposed to be a present for her grandmother. Her grandmother was seriously ill in the hospital and her last wish was to see her husband again, who had not ruled this world for 20 years. Erika was keen to fulfill her last wish and asked me to shorten the manufacturing time to a day or two. She said to me that there had never been a photo of the two together.

That's why I gave my all, but the emergency situation I found myself in made it absolutely impossible for me to create a joint portrait of your grandmother and her late husband with the quality and detail my client deserved.

A sudden thought came to me because I called my sister in Vietnam and asked her to draw the picture as soon as possible. She got to work immediately and completed the artwork in 2 days, but then a new obstacle came up, sending A2 size pictures took at least 3 weeks.

I sent Erika a preview via WhatsApp and explained the problem to her. She was very happy and cried, but a great thought came to her mind and she asked "Is it possible to print out the drawing and send it by express?". I did some research and immediately sent the assembled picture to a printing service and 2 days later the picture arrived at your home.

Her grandmother's last wish could be fulfilled and being together peacefully, surrounded by her family, made her happy.

Our knowledge and experience of portrait drawing

Of course there are art prints that can also move emotionally and for some urgent situations there is sometimes more need than for an analogue drawing. For example, if you only have a small budget available, then Artprint is a viable solution. Artprint emerged from consultation with customers and has already helped many customers. You don't get the original, but only pay half. On the other hand, you get a stunning, world-class portrait drawing.

Who are portrait artists at Artprint?

Our love of art led our family to become portrait painters. My wife and I both have little sisters, two of whom have also chosen to be professional portrait painters.
But why?

Back in my childhood I lived in a poor village in central Vietnam, there weren't as many entertainment options then as there are now. My sister saw me drawing everything around the house and was fascinated by it, so she took out her own pencils and joined in the drawing, this passion grew over the years. While we were studying abroad in Germany, our sisters stayed behind to take over the art business in Vietnam and Asia. Our little sisters have a Masters in Design and Art and are also professional artists. But not everyone has the prerequisites, like my wife and I, to study abroad like Germany.

Our Sketchus team in Vietnam

Our team in Vietnam

How much does a Premium Artprint portrait drawing cost?

Artprints currently start at 49€, you will also receive a 10€ voucher when you buy Artprint, simply enter the code: ARTPRINT10 and you will also receive an immediate discount of 10€.

Sketchus portrait drawing

That's the best we can do for you. Do not hesitate and take advantage of the offer. Worry-free fine art premium print quality with our printing partner, your drawing will look 95% like the real thing.

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