Have a portrait drawn - a fun wedding gift

Wedding portrait as a wedding gift?

Which wedding gift rocks? It is the gift that is not only beautiful but also really special. Sketchus' custom portrait service is an absolute hit for every newlywed couple.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, a work of art tells the whole story."

Here are a few tips and four ideas for creating a portrait that will wow your newlywed loved ones.

1. For globetrotters and nature fans: Do the bride and groom love traveling? Find a picture of their favorite trip, their meeting place, the city where they fell in love, or the place where they got engaged. Turn the photo into a painting - a real work of art that will exist forever and remind her of the good days instead of letting the memory gather dust in a cell phone.

2. Wedding highlights: There are so many great details in a wedding! A painting of the bride's bouquet, wedding rings, wedding dress or a piece of "artwork" from the wedding day makes a super unique gift.

Sketchus loves the idea of ​​"freezing" your bouquet and turning it into art. Our top artists will bring the design of your flowers to any painting style you want. On the other hand, you can also use it to spice up your home. A vibrant bouquet of flowers will make an impressive statement - especially if you choose a specific artist style or canvas format. Think neutral rooms with bright colors and patterns.

Many of our customers swear by how well customized wedding flower pictures fit into the bathroom or bedroom.

3. Animal Lovers: A pet portrait is an easy way to bring joy. Sketchus' individual animal portraits are characterized by quality and attention to detail. And yes, sometimes our clients want to make sure their furry family is part of their wedding commemoration!

4. A Wedding Portrait: Most couples want to have at least one picture that captures their intimacy and happiness on their wedding day. More and more people are looking for ways to exceed this, especially with a piece of art that floats above the picture to capture the special moments.

There is also the option to ensure that all family members are in the picture, even if some are missing. We will help you draw a wedding portrait with all family members.

Are you ready? Simply upload a photo and start creating your individual painting!

About Sketchus: Sketchus makes it easy to own and gift museum-quality portrait artwork inspired by your images and memories. In just a few minutes you can upload a photo and choose a drawing style. We'll take care of the rest for you. As professional artists, we bring precious moments and memories to life.

Wedding gift at Sketchus:

📷 Get a portrait drawn from €49: Affordable, custom art.

🎨 Hand-drawn by experienced artists: Each portrait is a unique masterpiece.

🚀 Express Shipping in 7 Days: Fast delivery for immediate enjoyment.

💌 Personal service and satisfaction guarantee: Every detail is taken into account to ensure satisfaction with the hand-drawn portrait.

Why choose portrait?

✅ We have been providing professional portrait drawing services since 2005.

✅ Over 15,000 satisfied customers.

✅ Various payment methods, order in just 2 minutes in the online shop.

✅ Free shipping within Germany, Austria and worldwide.

Sketchus offers not only the revival of a centuries-old tradition, but also unique and modern works of art.

Order your wedding portrait now and bring your memories to life!

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