The do's and don'ts of having portraits drawn

Great tips for rocking out with portrait artists

Portraits are the sh** as a gift, but hanging out with artists requires you to be at the starting line. Here are some moves you should make, and a few you can do better, so that your custom artwork meets your expectations and the artist feels like a rock star.

Pay attention to the extreme level of detail during the first contact

Before you go all in on an idea, clarify the big details during the first contact. Check that the artist understands your style and clarify this with the money and the type of project. A sick first contact lays the foundation for a great collaboration.

Not every artist is up for everything

Don't expect every artist to follow your line. Check beforehand whether the artist is interested in your shizzle and clarify it via email or a big gallery so that everything goes smoothly.

Give the artist as much input as possible

The more stuff you tell the artist about your shizzle, the better. Share what's going on and how you want the artwork to come across. Shoot reference images to convey your vision.

Avoid vague ideas and expectations

Don't leave the artist in the dark. If an artist takes on your thing without clear ideas, the end result may not turn out the way you want.

Make sure a contract is up and running

Before the action starts, make sure you have a contract in place. The thing must cover topics such as project scope, dough, schedule and the artist's rights. Both sides must sign the deal.

Communication is key, Digger!

Maintain constant contact with the artist so that the flow is right. Check whether the artist needs more input and clarify any ambiguities. Clear communication makes your project a burner.

Avoid losing touch

Don't wait until the thing is almost through to get back on the mat. Regular contact and updates ensure that the project doesn’t go to waste. A chill relationship with the artist can lead to further projects or great recommendations.

When working with a portrait artist, clarity and communication are key. Heed these tips and rock your custom work of art!

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