Blog 7: What is the value of a portrait

How I sold my first painting.

As a student I was able to win many prizes through drawing. The idea of ​​making money with portraits didn't occur to me at the time.

On a sunny day when I was in my third year of university, a businesswoman came to me on the recommendation of my old class teacher and asked me to draw her deceased identical twin sister. She said I could use her as a model because unfortunately no photos of her sister would be suitable as a model. So I drew her directly in the studio, with the modifications as she wanted.

In the end, I was very successful with the painting and it moved many of her relatives to tears.

Although I earned money for the first time in just two days of work, it made me very happy to awaken emotions through painting. Another plus was that I was able to use my earnings to buy art supplies for a year.

The actual art and emotional meaning, on the other hand, are invaluable.

How much can an important work of art cost?

There is no answer to this in and of itself because emotional value is not measurable and has much more meaning for an individual than for someone else.

Of course, there are works of art by deceased artists that are worth millions of euros.

But think about how much memories are worth to you or what it can mean to you to relive beautiful moments through a portrait. If you now consider that perhaps by giving up just one or two cups of coffee a year, you could have a portrait of Sketchus made that can evoke emotions in you even many years later, wouldn't that be worth the investment ?".

Why are we still very cheap compared to other artists?

  1. We draw with passion and our goal is to help many people by making them happier.
  2. We draw with many years of experience and have already fulfilled many wishes and completed countless works of art for many families.
  3. We draw with limited order quantities because quality is our top priority. If we feel that the number of orders exceeds our artists' capacity, we will not accept new orders.
  4. We draw almost without errors. At Sketchus, we study the template together and approach the drawing very carefully in order to minimize the number of errors.

This is our story of how I first sold a painting and am still selling it today.

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