Blog 3: Is there reflection thanks to creative art?

Becoming an illustrator is not difficult, but staying an illustrator is very difficult?

Every year a lot of artists come into the world of portrait painting, but at the same time a corresponding number of artists switch to abstract art or try their hand in a different direction. If someone told you that you can't do something and will give up soon, would you just give up?

Let me tell you a little more about my story, how many times I fell and often wanted to give up on this path to art.

Little teaser, I'm still passionate about drawing. :-)

The crisis that took almost everything from me, all that remained was my art

Around 2010, the architectural profession in Vietnam was very demanding and the entrance exam required meeting many criteria, including two subjects of drawing.

Back then, I failed my first entrance exam and had to wait a year for the next exam. During this time, to keep myself afloat, I started painting and selling world-famous paintings with my interpretation.

This money was enough to prepare me for the following exam, but the second time, after I was finally allowed to take the exam, I failed again.

That took away my last will and enthusiasm to continue. I then decided to study civil engineering, as my family always wanted. However, I felt inadequate and a great emptiness reigned within me. Consequently, I gave up this path.

An inner conflict arose within me and I asked myself: “If you don’t want the best for yourself, then why are you doing this?” I also asked myself, “What are you really reading?”

Reflection in life thanks to creative art

After weeks of deliberation, I finally came to my senses - because I loved creativity, design and, more precisely, drawing. I decided again to take the third attempt at the entrance exam to become an architect.

Thanks to my regained motivation and willingness to learn, this time I passed the entrance exam for studying architecture at the renowned Hanoi Architectural University and my girlfriend was also able to pass her entrance exam at the Faculty of Interior Design and Design.

We were able to attend great drawing courses together at the university and our passion for the art of painting grew day by day.

The words of my former class teacher resonated again and again, encouraging me to climb the mountains and overcome the difficulties of life.

It was a journey full of hardships, falls and pain. But being able to do what I love every day is the best thing that could have happened to me.

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