Blog 2: Awakening a childhood dream of art

Our story about professional portrait artists

I grew up with many neighborhood children in a poor, rural region in central Vietnam. Every year, storms and floods hit the area and many people regularly lost all their belongings. We all suffered from the consequences, but we couldn't just leave. With every flood, food and a little hope were lost - what would happen next always remained uncertain.

My father was sick and my mother couldn't raise me alone. She sent me with tears in her eyes to my grandparents, her parents, without seeing any other way out.

Childhood dream art

During my time with my grandparents, my great passion for drawing developed. The enthusiasm began with various heroic stories from books that my grandmother gave me.

Thanks to the inspiration that my grandmother awakened in me, I knew which path to take.

My first crucial work of art

I wanted to bring back a piece of her memory and with this knowledge I searched my parents' house for the pictures I had drawn of the village dogs, but unfortunately I discovered that my pictures had not been spared either.

Since I really wanted to alleviate her grief, I took heart and, thanks only to my imagination and memory, brought her faithful companion on paper as an individual portrait .

Most beautiful emotion: love thanks to art?

Two days later I actually had a finished drawing, which I handed to her with a little smile. She seemed overwhelmed and cried in front of friends at the sight of her lost friend.

This friend is now my wife - Wow!

For me it was the first time that drawing a picture could bring so much fun and joy to others. Bringing back beautiful memories and emotions from the heart and capturing unforgettable moments is so touching. Since this experience, my passion for drawing has steadily grown. I draw almost every day now and I owe everything to this girl, my best friend and now my wife. With our little daughter, I always want to inspire her to draw everything important in life.

We have been able to follow this until today.

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