Blog 8: The Emotional Value of a Drawing of Deceased People

Why do we draw deceased people so often?

Fulfillment of a heart's desire

After I arrived in Germany, only a few people knew that I was a portrait artist. There were a lot of talented illustrators back then and that made it difficult for customers to find me.

One lunchtime I received an inquiry from a 70-year-old man who found my ad on eBay classifieds. He asked me to make a portrait of his late mother, but unfortunately all he had was very blurry photos and a vague memory of his mother.

To date he had asked many other portrait artists, but apparently no one felt willing to create the work. We really wanted to help the man and took on the challenge. We drew the portrait step by step and shared the progress with him and his family. He and his family were deeply touched after completing the work of art. Not only were we able to fulfill his wish, but we were also able to bring back the beautiful memories with his mother.

Restoration in new work of art

Nowadays it is neither complicated nor uncommon to restore old photos using image editing software like Photoshop, but drawing a picture that is in your mind as a memory with the old photos as a template is really rare and that's exactly why this is one our strengths.

With all our enthusiasm, dedication and skillful hands, we have not only helped make old photos more beautiful, but also helped many customers feel good about remembering their deceased.

We at have a dream. We want to reach as many people as possible and “reawaken” their old great memories of the deceased and also make little hearts beat faster through paintings that show encounters that are not possible.

That's the difference that makes Sketchus.

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